• Upgrade the Way you Work

    Innovative Digitized Workflows for
    Efficient Working

    We believe in making the most out of your working day and the best way to achieve this is by simplifying and streamlining your operational activity. This is why we have created a flexible mobile solution, a powerful application that unlocks productivity across your organisation - saving both time and money by replicating your workflow processes onto handset devices.

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  • Digital Operations - Anytime, Anywhere

    Our mobile workflows are device, technology and Auto ID agnostic and can be used on anything from a ruggedized tablet to a smart watch, on any operating platform including Android, iOS and Windows.

    We have designed a solution that is, at its core, a user-intuitive way to record operational activities from any location. Whether in the warehouse, out in the field, on an offshore platform or in the depths of a hospital, our mobile solution will work both on and offline.


Migrate to the Digital World

Wherever you stand on your digital transformation roadmap, we can help. By replicating your manual, pen and paper-based management processes into easy-to-use guided workflows, we can future-proof your operational activity. Make the most of mobile functionality with validation on data entry, image capture and annotation, and time and date stamped workflows for fully auditable records.

Manual vs. Mobile

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Tailored to Your Needs

All workflows are customized and configured to your organisations requirements. We work with you to identify areas where most efficiency gains can be made and then help convert your paper processes into simplified digital forms to get you working smarter, not harder.

Information logged through the handhelds can be linked to your existing systems, or can be tied into our specialist Back Office Systems, "TRACS" or "Tracker", where it can be further analysed.


User Intuitive, Guided Workflows

On and Offline Working Environment

Optimised for any Device, Operating System and Form Factor

Auto-ID Agnostic

Image Capture & Annotation

Time & Date Stamped Records


Minimise Manual, Pen & Paper Processes

Reduce Administrative Errors

Increase Workforce Efficiency

Ensure Compliance with a Water Tight Audit Trail

Your Way of Working, Improved
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  • Getting Started is Simple

    We provide you with the platform for supporting the development of digitized workflows. All you need to do is copy your workflow over to our spreadsheet template, 'drag and drop' it into the cloud and the next thing... it’s on your device.

    Once the app is configured, it’s simply downloaded onto a handset from the Apple App or Goggle Play Store, with no complex or costly IT involvement required.

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